I had a breakdown on the husband again last night. I didnt do well yesterday at all.

I miss being pregnant. I wish I didn’t miscarry. It still hurts so much. I feel so lost. Apparently it’s normal to feel like this.

It’s just not fair. People who haven’t been trying or don’t want children seem to fall pregnant at the drop of a hat and have no issues. Me…. Well it didn’t take us that long but why did I have to loose it? It’s just not fair.
I want my bean back. I wanted that one… Not another…. It sucks.

Got to keep going, keep trying. Hoping the next one sticks for more than a week and that it’s not something wrong with me causing the miscarriage


2 thoughts on “Breakdown

  1. Oh bless you. Ive been TTC for 3 years and have never got that far. I often think im probably lucky (weird i know) because if i was to get my BFP and then for it to not stick would break my heart. Im sending you lots of baby dust that it works out soon x


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