Should be 7 weeks today…


Feeling a little low today.
I had a better day yesterday emotionally.
I should be 7 weeks today. My little bean would have been the size of a blueberry.

I know I shouldn’t dwell but I can seem to turn the app off.
Hopefully soon I can turn swap the dates to my new bean.

I wonder how many people that have had miscarriages carried on looking at things like this… Kept counting the would have been weeks.


4 thoughts on “Should be 7 weeks today…

  1. I still do it…this august my baby would be 1 year old.. Don’t worry about it too much.. every one does it. a woman in my work still remembers her dates 20 years on. It’s ok to remember though. I think it’s a good thing – you’re def not alone! The dates do get less painful eventually though, i promise.
    Sending love


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