Radio 1 big weekend!

Woo we managed to get tickets when they were released for radio 1 big weekend.
Originally written got Sunday tickets but managed to swap for Saturday!
I’m so excited about going.
Hopefully my dodgy tummy won’t play up!

I’m 3dpo with light cramping so fx for this girl… But as they say… Drink until it’s pink 😉


Not very well

Well I didn’t run last night… Looks like I won’t today either. 😦 I’ve had a bit of a poorly (hate that word) tummy last couple days.
I may do some boxing or bike tonight dependent on how I feel. Something I can do from home without being too far from the loo!

I’m 2DPO and had the same last month so may just be a sign of ovulation.
Feeling pretty down in the dumps…. I feel very fat at 14 stone…. My tummy is huge and always feel bloated. And I have a second chin.
To some people the size a am wouldn’t be an issue but I can’t stand it. I’ve always been skinny. 😦
I really need to start exercising and stop eating so much.
I hate feeling like this

Keeping fit whilst ttc

Well tonight will be my second run of the week. Me and hubby have decided we need to get fit. I need to loose some weight. 14 stone for me is not a good look.

I’m hoping that sticking to 2000 a day and exercising 3 times a week will slowly drop my weight.

After my first run on Monday I felt great. Yesterday legs were a bit sore. But I did struggle on the run. My fitness levels have dropped a lot. I used to be ale to run/walk a lot further.

We are using the couch to 5k apps. So hopefully in 9 weeks I will be running 5ks!

So proud of my bestie!

Today one of my best friends told me she was 9 and a half weeks pregnant!

I am so so happy for her! She said she was worried about telling me as she found out the day I started to miscarry.

She is only a couple of weeks behind what I would have been. I’m trying to not work it out as I’ve striped to stop counting where I would have been, and trying to focus on what is to be next.

The hubby better get his super sperm ready. I really want to be pregnant at the same time haha!

This bestie in particular is one that has been trying for a while, and had a couple of miscarriages too. I’m so happy that this one has stuck. We have helped each other through it all. And can’t wait to help her through her pregnancy too!

Super happy 🙂  🙂  🙂

The dream

I can’t stop thinking about the future today.

I can’t wait to have a little one running around. I’m nervous as hell about it, don’t get me wrong. I think that if you weren’t nervous,  then there is something wrong with you.

I would love a little girl first. I have always had the idea of having an emeila first. But since since me and hubby have talked names I love maya.
Maya Kathryn Hill.

Or if a boy
Freddie Thor Hill
Or Lars, but I prefer Freddie.

Can’t wait to have this little feet running about the house.

Not much to update….

I’ve been quiet the last couple day.
Just not much to report.
Got a week till my fertility week so prepping myself so that I get the best chance. Lots of folic acid and vitamins. Getting ready to start temping and checking lh levels again. I orders some more sticks!
Healthy eating is going ok…. I’m limiting myself to 2000 calories… Well trying to. Keep sneaking snacks but I know I’m better than I was!
In the last week by just eating less I’ve dropped 2lbs. Hopefully more when af goes…
Got a punch bag as well now so I can box when Chris doesn’t want to. I do love just to punch something haha!


The next month

So I’m going to try my damn hardest to conceive this month…..
I’m going to eat healthy, excercise, make sure I take my folic acid everyday and then do some tracking.

After af buggers off I’m going to check my lh levels everyday. And I’m going to temp this month. When I start to show a second line on my lh dips we will bd every other day until I get a positive then carry on again after making sure we bd on ovulation day.
Hopefully the fertility friend app will confirm ovulation by temp.

Fingers crossed it works!

CD 27

I had a really good day today. Well, apart from finishing my work at 10pm by falling asleep with the laptop on my lap half way though a quotation!

I met up to with my friend Tallis and her 6 month old little one Rory. Omg h is just the cutest we had lots of cuddles and smiles from him he was wonderful 🙂 made me so broody haha!
We chatted loads about pregnancy, labour and the aftermath that is a little  one to look after. We talk about dieting too and she has given me her slimming world book to have a read of 🙂

Not many of my friends are free when I am as they all have 9-5 weekday jobs and I am usually too tired by the evening to do that much too regularly. But being able to catch up with someone that wasn’t wok based…. And wasn’t a dog… I was good. 🙂

Work was hard. In the afternoon though. Kicking myself as I missed some messages yesterday that would have brought in some more business for us. The dog food oder delivery was massive but not sure if I have ordered enough of some things! I took some paperwork home to do as well… Which is why I ended up on the bloody laptop till 10pm.

Zzzzzzz I’m exhausted