Cd22… Should be 8 weeks

This is a bit of a double headed blog covering two little topics that I’ve woken up thinking about today.

It’s cycle day 22, I’m half way though my two week wait. Symptom wise looking back IF I am pregnant and follow same symptoms as last time then I should start feeling sick. Over the next couple days. I’ve had major leg camps all day yesterday and last night. And back pain yesterday evening. I’ve been tired, and last night I was up every two hours to pee again.
I don’t want to get my hopes up but I really really do hope we caught.

So today I should be 8 weeks pregnant. I should have something that resembles more of a baby.


It breaks my heart to know it should be raspberry sized now and I should be having my first midwife appointment on Tuesday… Instead I’m in another two weeks wait, praying I ovulated, praying we caught it and praying that it stays.
Emotionally I’ve done better the last few days. I finally and starting to come to terms with my miscarriage. I never thought I would miss the morning sickness. Let just hope for next week.


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