Cd 23… Feeling crap

So not much to report today really.

Feeling crappy due to my weight but he hubby is on the band wagon of helping me loose weight. Healthy breakfast lunches and small dinner portions. And healthy snacks.
Making sure I still to or bellow 2000 calories a day.
It’s so hard when I feel miserable to not eat. And find it so hard running a business to find a time to excercise. I work from 7-7 then into the evening and have an hour free for lunch during the day. I get one day off a week with the hubby and a little bit of time off on other days. But how the hell are you meant to fit in everything and excercise with a Rota of 53 hours±
I love running my own business and I’m so proud of where I am. But the long days and hard work don’t make for the nicest body when you love food 😦

So back to TTC/pregnancy.
I keep seeing pregnant people and babies everywhere… What is with that?!? You Ttc and suddenly they are everywhere!
I’m not really getting any symptoms like last time… Don’t think I caught this cycle. I’m gutted.



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