Working hard… Thinking lots…. Feeling lost

So I own a dog day care centre. We board dogs in our own home over night and do lots of other pet services too.

Recently I’ve found it so hard to concentrate and run my business. I feel so distant and overwhelmed. Not just by the business but by life.

I’m baby obsessed! It’s all I think  about…. Trying to sort rotas… Paperwork…. Tax returns…. Whilst wishing and wondering about babies.

My mind turns to bean#1 quite often still. I would have been having my first midwife appointment tomorrow. I got BFP 4 weeks ago today. I’m trying to keep positive but I’m sure haven’t conceived this cycle. Just doesn’t feel like it. Maybe I didn’t ovulate. But I got some more opk strips for next month. And cheap pregnancy test dips, just incase I need them. I still have a clear blue and some early response tests but one want to waste money on them, not this time.

I’m just feeling lost in my work life, lost on the baby front, lost with hubby. I just feel so distant from everything. But I will get there…. I will get strong again… Right? I have to. I can’t let myself slide back into depression again… I must snap out of this.

I need more time off work! Wish I could afford it.

I need to make more time to see my friends and do things for me. But keeping a roof over our heads is more important. Work doesn’t stress me out…. A lack of work would though. I’m just tired all the time.
Tired pre pregnancy
Tired in pregnancy
Tired post pregnancy….
Just tired all the time.

So on that note… I shall speak again tomorrow. It may be a better day… It my one day off a week.


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