CD 27

I had a really good day today. Well, apart from finishing my work at 10pm by falling asleep with the laptop on my lap half way though a quotation!

I met up to with my friend Tallis and her 6 month old little one Rory. Omg h is just the cutest we had lots of cuddles and smiles from him he was wonderful 🙂 made me so broody haha!
We chatted loads about pregnancy, labour and the aftermath that is a little  one to look after. We talk about dieting too and she has given me her slimming world book to have a read of 🙂

Not many of my friends are free when I am as they all have 9-5 weekday jobs and I am usually too tired by the evening to do that much too regularly. But being able to catch up with someone that wasn’t wok based…. And wasn’t a dog… I was good. 🙂

Work was hard. In the afternoon though. Kicking myself as I missed some messages yesterday that would have brought in some more business for us. The dog food oder delivery was massive but not sure if I have ordered enough of some things! I took some paperwork home to do as well… Which is why I ended up on the bloody laptop till 10pm.

Zzzzzzz I’m exhausted


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