7 months… On bfp… One mc…. Miserable…

Feeling really down at the moment. We have been trying to conceive for 7 months now and only caught the once and miscarried. I was so hoping this month would be my month.

Catching ovulation on LH dips….. Implantation spotting… Come on… I got to have caught right?
But I’ve had no symptoms since….. Due on in a few days so will find out then I guess 😦

Me and oh are both tired…. Which is a little straining sometime :/ joys of being his boss too is I have to try and separate the relationship from the job… I’m not very good at this at all.

I want so much from life, business to do well, house to myself (brother in law lives with us atm to help pay mortgage), baby, more than one day off a week, sleep, to loose weight….


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