Today was a good day

So today was much better that the last few. I’ve been feeling a bit low recently but today was good.

I was woken early by a very uncomfortable blue so ‘slept’ the last couple of the night away on the sofa cuddling my poor boy. He was castrated yesterday so was probably a bit sore still.

I had the morning off work so I went for a swim and did another 40 lengths in my 25 min in the pool.
I had my eyebrows threaded then headed to see Tallis and Rory. I gave Tallis her birthday present. Which she loved! It’s so good to see her smile. I’m really glad we have started to hang out and chat more. She only lives down the road, and she’s a brilliant friend 🙂 she’s been a bit low recently so was really good to see her so so happy. It’s really made my day.
And we had a catch up whilst Rory was napping. Then did some hand a footprints with him.
Didn’t want to go back to work! Wanted to stay chilling with them instead.
Work was good though and had a chilled evening.

A good day all round. And only eaten 1,700 cal


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