Cd15 end of fertility week and a life catch up

So I’ve hit the end of my ovia fertility week. Ovulation was a few days ago and bd lots so fx that this time we are lucky.
I feel a lot calmer and relaxed about it. But I can’t say the same with everything else in my life at.

My and husband run my business so it means if this go quiet or if lots of bills come out, it’s up to me to make sure it all goes right…. Well lots of bills came out and put us back to square one with money :/

Also brother in law (who lives with us) Is moving out to a bugger place and I’m really worried about our money situation from that front too… It’s going to be so hard. But nice to have the house to ourselves and more room.

My depression is still showing its ugly head every now and then… I’m trying to keep tabs on my angry outbursts at the husband. But when I’m feeling low it’s really hard.

On the plus side… I may have only lost a couple lbs dieting and exercising this month but Chris said he’s been able to notice the difference in the way I feel when he holds me so fx that after some muscle build up the fat will shift. Still 14 stone…. :/



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