Cd1 month 9

Well here we go again. I’m getting more and more upset each bloody Cd1 

Can’t stand it 😦 babies and pregnant people everywhere at the moment doesn’t help. I just want to little one of my own. 

I don’t know why it doesn’t happen…. I got positive opk and bd at all the right times… More this month than ever before.

So why didn’t it work? How can people accidently get pregnant 😦 why can’t I? Feel like crying now. I mean seriously how can I not be pregnant. It’s happened before… It can happen again.

Only difference is I’m not on holiday…. And not drunk.

Maybe I need a month away on holiday hammered…. Maybe then I will vet pregnant. 

Thought swimming might help…. Nope…. Healthy eating then?…. Nope.



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