Cd 24… Month 9

Sorry by blog hasn’t been anything to do with the recently. I seem to write more when I’m down and my weight had definitely been playing a role there…..

So back to the! it’s cycle day 24 of month 9 today.
I haven’t tracked this month, no temping, not opk dips, nothing. Just making sure we have sex regularly. 

The last 3/4 days I’ve had really sensitive boobs…. I mean really! It’s like heaven in the bedroom haha! I’ve felt a little under the weather and extremely tired. I haven’t felt massively ill like last time or been craving anything yet.

Last night I started spotting. I’m not due on for a week so fingers crossed ifs implant bleeding. Won’t be getting my hopes up though as same happened on month 7.

I so hope I get a bfp this time. I’m due on my af on my birthday… So if she doesn’t come that would be the best present ever šŸ™‚


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