cried myself to sleep

Last night I cried myself to sleep.

I had to have my 11 month old dog put to sleep on Sunday as he was so aggressive towards people. I spoke to 2 vets and they said it was the best thing to do as no rescue would take him.

So this year… I lost Ozzy dog to illness in January…. Miscarriage in April…. Lost blue dog in august…. The day before my first wedding anniversary. 

I’m not coping well. I’m very depressed and want to cry all the time. I keep putting on weight even though I’m barely eating. The doctors have booked me in for bloods on 30th aug but I’m still a gaining weight.
I just want all this bad luck to end now. I’m a fat ugly lump with no dog of her own…. Who has been trying for a child for 11 months now with no luck.

Don’t get me started on the debt I’m in…..

Fuck you world, fuck you. Give me a break


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