met some pooches

So yesterday me and Chris went to ARC animal rescue, in ottery St.mary, to look at some dogs we can foster.

We met Leo, Toby and Loki.

Leo is a 10 month old lab x staffy. Apart from being young and enthusiastic he is a good all-rounder. Good with kids and dogs 

Toby is a beagle x 

He had mouthing issues that needs work. Good with dogs unknown with kids.

Loki is a staffy x English bull 

Been in kennels for over a year and is only 2. He is a beautiful boy very loving but very focused/possessive of toys and food. Could cause issues if out on a walk, off lead and spots a toy he wants. But this hasn’t been tested.

Leo seems best for us. The guy up their said once he is neutered he can come to us. 

And said he could see it more than likely a fostering until we can afford the donation haha. 

You should have seen Chris face when Leo came in the room! It was wonderful to see such a smile on his face. I knew I would love Leo. He is young, feisty and in need of some love. He’s a good all-rounder so should fit in perfectly. He’s been kept outside/kenneled for a while so we just need to do some toilet training with him.

Crystal will be calling us a week today (urg! So long) and he has to be neutered. 

I might see if he can come at the start of our holiday, so we can settle him in with just me and Chris around.


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