I’ve started talking to chris more about how I’m feeling. Trying to let him in to understand instead if bottling it up. I find it hard because I don’t want to worry him. 

Money is getting better but it’s still really tight. We have paid the loan off I took out last year. But still in 3 overdrafts and owe my mum money. But we will get there. Debt is hard work. 

I’ve talked through so much with cheia. The money situat, the miscarriage, that we haven’t even had a glimpse of a positive since, the pcos, weight gain, the hair growth…. everything that’s getting me down and depressed. 

When the doctors ask if I’m ok… I’m saying I am… I don’t want to go on antidepressants… I don’t know if they would help…. I’m not as bad as I was last time I was on them…. But I am not in a good place. Im just not sure what to do on that front St the moment 


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