CD19… 6 days until test day

So here we are on day 19 of my first cycle being on metformin.

I was sick a few times yesterday and felt sick all day today. I’ve been wanting bananas which is weird as I don’t like them… Bit this isn’t the first time I felt like this. Last time was back in April I felt ill for a week before I tested and got a bfp…. But the day I was due my period it was faint so I know there is no point testing now. … I just have to wait. This bit suxka. I hate the 2 week wait. The ifs buts and maybes.

Maybe I’m reading into this all wrong…. Maybe I’m not. Feels just like last time but then I may just be getting my hopes up once again…. 

I feel a need to get pregnant now that wasn’t there before. I need to get pregnant to that I can have the baby I so so so want and then get back on contraception to control these hormones of pcos. I need to do it for my mental health


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