My pcos diet… Lifestyle change

Well since getting metformin I think I’ve lost about half a stone in 3 weeks. 

I feel a lot better and less bloated. And mum and gran have said I look like I’ve lost weight. 

So I’ve been cutting back on all carbs and sugars and eating glow GL foods.
I prepped for my day tomorrow

Slimfast shake for breakfast and lunch, then the following to snack on

Hummus, cottage cheese, peppers, cucumber, mushroom cheese and ham. these are all low GL foods.

I will also take some rye crackers. Only 2 as these are high GL so will have to limit them. But if eaten with proteins my body will breakdown the carbs slower so my insulin shouldn’t rise so fast. 
Dinner is to be planned but I have some home made chilli which has no carbs in it or I may have the crustless quiche which is no pastry so low in carbs. Either With salad.


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