not long now….. :/

It’s playing on my mind a lot at the moment. December is nearly here…. I would be due the 16th…. that’s not long at all.

I’m so proud of my friend who is ready to drop! But so jealous at the same time. I do wish it was me. I wish i knew why we haven’t concieved again… I wish it would just happen. 

Zero is helping me loads mentally . Hi don’t feel such a wreck. Still a mess but not a wreck. I know we are asking but he was worth the money struggles amillion times over. 

I can’t remember if I mentioned my cousin is pregnant again. The one I wrote about before that had to have a termination when I found out I was pregnant. He has her 20 week Scan soon. She fell pregnant the first month they started trying after the loss. 

Wish it was that easy for me.

I do wonder what’s wrong


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