We had our scan today. Luckily I didn’t have to have an internal one! 

Say hello to little bean along with little heartbeat! (Saw heartbeat but didn’t hear it)  All is good. No reason for spotting and everything looking good.

It’s proper sunk in now. Seeing the little heatbeat was amaing. And to think only 11.1mm long! 

Chris face was a picture. He had such a grin on his face.

We all feel so relieved that everything is ok. 

Bean does look like a devils face though haha (white bit being the nose!) Made me chuckle.



Spoke to the midwife department today. As I’m getting spotting they want to book me in for an early scan. I have an appointment tomorrow! I’m very excited x

pregnancy journal 4/55

  1. How did other people react?

chris was shocked to begin with i think. its been a yeat of trying so took a while for it to sink in. im sure it still hasnt though for him.

Parents, grandparents and brothers and sisywrs are really excited about it.

Two of my cousin’s know. One, Carla, I wanted to know. And Chloe, who I didn’t want to know yet but she saw the pictures on mums table on Christmas day. 

Jade, Jen, tamsin and Tallis also know and they are super excited too. 

7 weeks!

So the last week has gone fast. Feel feeling very poopie and tired but that’s expected. 

Told some more of the family of Christmas day! Which was awesome. Some took a lot longer than others to work it out haha

Grandma was so excited when we told her 🙂 

And we made Anne cry! 

Lewis was very slow on the uptake too! Made me giggle when Lydia had to tell him.

We had our booking in appointment with the midwife just before Christmas. Was good! Trish is lovely. I’m really looking forward to her being my midwife through this. 

I’m still getting spotting occasionally every fews days so will be getting an early scan just to make sure all ok. It should be as it’s only light pink and tests are still positive!
So yeah we are now 7 weeks 

We are officially an embryo and the size of a blueberry /die.
Still can’t believe I’m pregnant it’s amazing really

pregnancy journal 3/55

  1. The way you felt when you realised you were going to have a baby.

I was estatic but in shock. After a year of trting, a miscarriage and then a very long weight, I just didn’t expect it to happen.

In the weight I had been diagnosed with PCOS so could have issues conceiving from that. The doctors but me on metformin to help and bam 2 months later I’m pregnant! How amazing is that. 

I really wasn’t expecting a positive though as I had given up. I didn’t want to keep trying and be disappointed anymore. But the lower stress levels and not trying really helped I think. There was a lot of stress before at work. I’m self employed and run dog day care. We had a team member that wasn’t pulling his weight and not working so I had to fire him. Made all the difference at work. It’s so less stressful 

6 weeks

Wooooo made it to 6 weeks! Last week has me worried about due to last miscarriage. I know I’m still high risk but another week gone… Another week more settled in there bean is. 

Symptoms still are lots of nausea…. Been sick a couple time…. In the pub on the staff do wasn’t the best place! But mostly I seem to be doing what my body normally does when I’m ill… It all goes downwards! No upwards! As it’s something I’m used it’s not a big deal for me. If I was vomiting… That would be a big deal! 😷😷😷

My boobs are getting more tender. This can be fun in the bedroom as they are super sensitive at times but sometime Chris touches them and I want to slap him! 

The tiredness is a killer. It’s all the time. So so sleepy haha!

So we are the size of a grain of rice or a ladybug! I have a little ladybug in me! Haha we also how have a heart beat, the thought of 2 heart beats going on inside of me is weird. Chris things it’s more weird that something is attached to my insides and is growing…  Like something out a horror movie. Makes his tummy go all funny thinking of it. 

pregnancy journal questions 2/55

  1. The way you broke the news.

So after telling Chris. We had initially decided to keep it to ourselves a little while… That lasted long. I really wanted to tell mum. Just incase I needed support. So we told mum first, then when all the kids left the room we told dad and gran 🙂

Chris was was in Spain so the next day we have her a call and the good news!

I’ve told tamsin and Tallis as my only friends in motherhood that I’m close to I wanted some support.

I’m telling jade, Jen and david on Christmas Eve and grandma and the kids on Christmas day! Not sure how yet though! 


Not much has changed really at this stage. I’m still feeling nauseous slot of the time. I’m trying to continue to eat healthy but failing a bit more than normal with my carbs. But hey ho I will continue to monitor weight and how I look 🙂


Still having some spotting. Was scary on 5+0 as it was darker but it stopped. I’ve had a little this morning too. But very light pink.

It’s definitely something I will be talking to midwife about next week.

NEXT WEEK!!! I have my first midwife appointment next week! It’s so exciting xxx

We are currently looking after one of my best friends dogs, Mable. Tamsin went into labour on Tuesday and had Ali at 3:37 Wednesday morning 🙂 8lbs 13

I’m so happy for her! Can’t wait for cuddles with him and to see the proud parents x

Pregnancy journal questions Q1/55

  1. The day you first find out you are pregnant.

I didn’t even think I was. We hadn’t overly been trying in November. Barely did the deed and were concentrating on life in general. There was a lot less stress that month after firing an awful employee and gaining 2 gr at ones.

But back to the day I found out. I was expecting aunt Flo to be late Ashe was last month due to metformin. But I thought why the hell not. Doing one test on m period due date wont do any harm. 

And it was positive.. . This was in the evening. Our friend Morg was over. So I called Chris up and showed him! All very exciting indeed