So the last week has been pretty sureal to say the least. I really didn’t expect to get pregnant this side of Christmas. It’s pretty cool 🙂

I’m still in shock I think. I’ve done so many test as I’m worried it won’t stick but every time I get a raging positive so I’m happy with that.

I had bloods at the doctors and they confirmed i am definitely in the early stages of pregnancy. they booked me in for my first midwife appointment at 6 weeks. The appointment is on the 22nd December! So excited. Usually you don’t see midwife until 8 weeks so I may be classed as risk as previous mc and my pcos. I hope I am…. As then I may get an early scan which would be better to show the ‘kids’ (aka the brothers and sisters) and grandma at Christmas.
I’m felling pretty good all things considering. I’m shattered, but that’s normal, I have stages of nausea but it’s not too bad. It comes in waves so it’s manageable. I need to keep an eye on my food though. Been eating crap last few days. 


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