week 5

Wahoooooo we are now week 5!

I’m carrying something that now looks like a little alien…. So surreal since it would have been just a few cells when I found out! And now I have a little monster growing in me 🙂

So what’s new…. Well I’m going to try and keep up with this every few days if I can so I can look back on it. I may try and find some daily questions to keep me motivated and keep track of how I’m doing.

So it’s currently 03:30 I’ve been up for an hour… And can’t get back to sleep. Stupid needing a wee. 

Last couple days have been pretty good. I’ve been a little nauseous but not too bad. But acid reflux has been annoying. I think that’s what makes me feel so sick. I’ve been taking gaviscon… Omg that stuff is a miracle worker…. But why o why does it have to be so horrible to take???? I’m having it a few times a day and it seems to hold off the sickness as well as the reflux.

I started bleeding at this stage last time so keeping calm and fingers and toes crossed!
Today we sorted out the spare room. Made sure it was all tidy. I would like to decorate before baby comes but I don’t know if funding will allow. We will have to see. At least now it is a functional room! 


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