6 weeks

Wooooo made it to 6 weeks! Last week has me worried about due to last miscarriage. I know I’m still high risk but another week gone… Another week more settled in there bean is. 

Symptoms still are lots of nausea…. Been sick a couple time…. In the pub on the staff do wasn’t the best place! But mostly I seem to be doing what my body normally does when I’m ill… It all goes downwards! No upwards! As it’s something I’m used it’s not a big deal for me. If I was vomiting… That would be a big deal! 😷😷😷

My boobs are getting more tender. This can be fun in the bedroom as they are super sensitive at times but sometime Chris touches them and I want to slap him! 

The tiredness is a killer. It’s all the time. So so sleepy haha!

So we are the size of a grain of rice or a ladybug! I have a little ladybug in me! Haha we also how have a heart beat, the thought of 2 heart beats going on inside of me is weird. Chris things it’s more weird that something is attached to my insides and is growing…  Like something out a horror movie. Makes his tummy go all funny thinking of it. 


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