7 weeks!

So the last week has gone fast. Feel feeling very poopie and tired but that’s expected. 

Told some more of the family of Christmas day! Which was awesome. Some took a lot longer than others to work it out haha

Grandma was so excited when we told her πŸ™‚ 

And we made Anne cry! 

Lewis was very slow on the uptake too! Made me giggle when Lydia had to tell him.

We had our booking in appointment with the midwife just before Christmas. Was good! Trish is lovely. I’m really looking forward to her being my midwife through this. 

I’m still getting spotting occasionally every fews days so will be getting an early scan just to make sure all ok. It should be as it’s only light pink and tests are still positive!
So yeah we are now 7 weeks 

We are officially an embryo and the size of a blueberry /die.
Still can’t believe I’m pregnant it’s amazing really


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