pregnancy journal 5/55

Five things you are most frightened about.

1. Getting through the pregnancy with a healthy baby.

2. Birth

3. Not having a connection 

4. First day/night

5. Not coping with being a mum and running my business.
I suppose it’s every mother to be’s nightmare to have a baby that isn’t healthy. And having a baby with no problems is everyone’s dream. I’m really want a healthy, normal baby. And worry as at this point so early on, something could be wrong, you just don’t know. 

Obviously everyone worried about birth… That shits got to hurt…. No matter what.

I’m self employed, and own a dog day care business with my husband and employe 8 people. I need to make sure that everything runs smoothly when I’m not there, I’m really worried about the business side of things and how me having a baby will effect it


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