pregnancy journal questions 6/55


  1. Five things you are most delighted about.

So I haven’t done one of these in a little while. Things have been manic at home recently with work.

5 things in delighted about. Hmmmm this one is more difficult that I thought it would be when I picked the question. 

1. The little bean is definitely brought me and chris closer together. Chris is a lot more intenive and on the the ball. He is a real superstar and does so much for me it’s amazing. He always has done but hes been doing a lot more recently. But I’ve also been so much of a lazy shit.

2. The house. We have finally got the house sorted from when David moved out. There isn’t things to put away anymore or find homes for. Everything is tidy and ready to decorate before bean comes.

3. I’m talking to my cousin again. Back in April I had some major issues with her but we have talked and now we are, fingers crossed, back on track with our friendship. I am more than delighted over this. I think both of us being pregnant helps. She is due in may.

4. That I’m nearly 10 weeks pregnant. After a year of trying and the miscaridge back in April I was starting to worry it would never happen at all. Preparing to going down the fertility treatment route scared me… I really wanted to do this naturally so I’m so glad me concieved before.

5. I’m delighted that I have such an amazing supportive family and friends group. Through thick and thin. They are always there for me.


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