I got a tattoo today. To remember my bean and to remind me life is still going.

Today I should have been going for my 12 week scan. I would have been 12+2.

Chris has kept me busy today so I’m distracted but now it’s evening I’m struggling again. It suxks.


6 thoughts on “remembering 

  1. If you need to talk about anything I’m here. I know what it feels like and sometimes talking to the people you know won’t help. Xx


      • It’s the worst time, crying yourself to sleep to eventually falling asleep forgetting everything then waking up in reality. But whatever you do don’t give up hope and start trying again when you feel ready.


      • Definitely the worst times. I can keep myself busy during the day. I can almost be normal.
        It hurt enough after my first MC which was really early. I was a lot more attached this time. I feel so zoned out from everything and when I do see people I’m knackered after as it’s so much effort.
        We aren’t trying as such now. But not using anything either. I won’t give up hope but I know it could take a while to catch again. It took 7 months last time x

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    • Thank you. It’s definitely something I will always be able to look at and remember. Remember my bean. I got the heart to remind me that I’m also loved, that things keep beating, I can still love, life does and always will carry on. That I need to keep going and one day, just one day I will get a healthy sticky bean x

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