happy anniversary!

Today marks 10 years that me and Chris have been together. I could not ask for a better partner in crime. 

The last year has been tough as hell. But we are still here, still strong as ever. He picks me up when I need him most, makes me laugh when I find it too hard to smile. Cooks and cleans for me when I have my melt downs, and always makes sure I have everything I need.
As I lay next to him in bed this morning. I know that he is everything I need and more. And I hope he knows that…. Even if he does snore, farts so bad that he can empty the room, wind me up to the point of frustration, and has to reminded every 6 months to fix that ‘thing’ hehe! He is mine and always will be.

So heres to us. And here is to sticking through everything, never giving up but fixing things instead. 


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