wanting a baby so badly…

I’m feeling very positive this week. It helps that my period is over… And I’m on holiday and very relaxed. Even though we are decorating and still doing a lot. It’s just not work. Which is nice.

I still have moments my chest hurts though. I see friends with their little ones out enjoying the sunshine. I see the pictures online and wish it was me. We met up with my friend tamsin and I wished it was me carrying my baby around. 

So yes I’m feeling more positive but im still wishing it was me. I’m struggling to understand why it’s not. Yes I have PCOS…. But I have concieved twice…. So why won’t it happen again. What am I doing wrong. Everyone tells you to relax but it’s not that easy and it’s the worst thing to hear. Relax…. What do they know…. 


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