Fertility….. Business and life in general 

So here I am….. 02:40 am on a ‘tuesday’ night I can’t sleep….. We came to bed about 11. I dozed off until 12 then again until about quarter past 2…. I just can’t sleep… I have a lot on my mind.

I’ve been a bit low recently again the last week, but I had a really good week off and felt much better! So I think I was expecting this to be honest. Just really wish things would go my way now. I’m so fed up of the hiccups of life now….

Amber has gone into hospital with her morning sickness. Poor girl 😦 I feel so bad for her 😦

Terri is due next week. It’s so exciting! Can’t wait to meet the little one now! Terri is looking so good too! So jealous! Carrying a 7lb baby and still looks amazing.

I haven’t lost any weight in 3 weeks, but this week I’ve had a lot of compliments saying I’ve lost weight and looking good…. So something got to be working…. Right? 

I went to the doctors today and spoke to them about my weight, my constant acid reflux and help with fertility. The doctors are happy with weight as it is slowly coming off and with pcos and amount of loss is good apparently. Even 1lb in a month…. 

So fertility treatments…. When I went to see my doctor she told me I would have to wait a year from last conception and have a bmi of 30 or less (I’m 33). Well I got fed up of this doctor as every time I’ve seen her she’s been all… How do you describe it….. Airy fairy and umming and arrring and not really coming up with any solutions. But I decided to see someone else. And she was great! Very pro active, asking questions listing to what I was actually saying and coming up with a proper plan. She seemed very forward and it suits me better. I clicked with her. 

I got a lot on my mind…. I’m really annoyed at a local land owner who I approached about renting land for a secure dog walking field…. He said to me that I can use it on a casual baises £10 for 3 hours a day as he couldn’t go into business with me as it’s national trust land. But when I asked for 4 hours he turned abound and asked for £30! A day…… I could just about afford 10!!! I’m just so annoyed he’s taken my business idea and set it up….. Then pricrd me out when I gave him the idea! It’s a proper kick in the teeth and now I’m back to square one on finding land…. It sucks… I was so close.


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