the last week

Well the last week has been pretty busy to be honest. Work has been good… But hard. 

I’ve pushed myself to the limits with my anxiety but going to a larger house party, my cousin has had her baby! And I’ve been to see her and little D. She’s so cute. 

I managed really well with both things. I had a melt down when we got home from the party. But I know that’s because of the pressure I put myself under and the anxiety kicked in. But I managed it with the help of Chris. I love that man so much, he know just what to do when I get into that mess. He’s wonderful.

I really did think I wouldn’t cope with seeing D but she is so adorable and cute! I do just wish it was me.
 But I had my first lot of bloods today and booked in the next lot and then to see doctor after. So Fingers crossed we get some answers soon. I’m really worried that there is something wrong…. I’m tempted to track my ovulation this month to go alongside my bloods but I’m worries it will stress me out. So not sure about doing it 


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