trip to cardiff

So I’m currently on my way back from Cardiff after the Iron Maiden gig. 

I was really anxious about going. We had a member of staff leave… Leaving mum in the shit with work… I hate leaving her to deal with a mess like that! I don’t mind doing the 12 hour days but I don’t like making her do it 😦 

But I coped well with the traveling to Cardiff and the gig. I did get a bit overwhelmed during maiden and stood to the side. I got told off by a couple people for taking video, pictures apparently too much when maiden first came on…. Kind of pissed me off a bit. 

I also managed well with food by picking up food from m&s for the day and eating healthy stuff. But I did get chips and Donner meat after maiden….. Woops :/ drunk and hungry Stevie makes bad food decisions! But made up for it at breakfast with yoghurt fruit and wholemeal toast. 

I’m so happy with how far I’ve come over the last few months. A while back I would have had major anxiety attacks over going away like this. But it’s been a lot better that I expected. 


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