Fed up

About ready to give up… Fed up of my weight gain due to pcos even though I’m restricting my diet… Fed up to taking so many tablets… Fed up of not being able to catch…. Fed up of waiting for anything to happen :/ 


Feeling a bit meh today. 

I shouldn’t be. We’ve employed an apprentice who has started this week and has already lowered my stress levels.

But I’m worried about money…. Worried about my weight… Im worried bout why my test results came back ok but I still can’t concieve…. Worried about Chris test results…. Worried we aren’t brining in enough new business at work…. 

Bah I can’t manage all this

What’s been happening…

I’ve not posted in ages, things have been so manic here recently. Work has been really busy which is great.

I’ve had bloods taken to start the fertility referal, and get my results today. I’m a little nervous!!

Emotionally I’ve been doing really well I think, I’ve had a couple of crashes but on the whole I’m doing good! 

I’ve gained some weight again which I’m pissed off at buto well…. My diet has been a little off and I cut back the drugs as I was running low and forgot to hand in my prescription. 

Update, my results all came back good. Apart from a increased amoith of bacteria in my lady bits… Which is fixed with a week if antibiotic. Nothing major so all good.

Really makes me question why we haven’t concieved though. Maybe I ovulated this month….. I dunno but I know I got the all clear.