Weekend full of attacks

Well that was an interesting weekend….. Not. 

Been rather stressed out recently and it all came to a head over the weekend. I had like 4 anxiety attacks in 2 days.

Work has been hard,and stressful rying to keep the book balanced and everyone ehappy at the same time.

I feel so fat and ugly and unattractive now I’m back up to 16 stone…. Which doesn’t help since we are meant to be having sex 2-3 times a week minium (as suggested by fertility department) I just don’t feel sexy….

Then there is the food front of things. I look in the fridge and can’t find anything interesting to eat 😦 and it pisses me off…. I wish I could just have anything. I tried making some almond flour bread… It failed….. Again….

29th of August seems so far away still…. I just want the appointment now 😦 I have so much going on between now and then.

My birthday


Hen do

I want to get my fertility treatments started….then I can have a baby… Go back on contraception and now be fat! X


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